The McCain Foundation

The McCain Foundation has a deep appreciation for the contributions rural communities have made to McCain Foods Limited, especially those near production facilities in the Atlantic Provinces, Alberta and Manitoba. The Foundation’s efforts are focused on addressing challenges in these regions and empowering communities.

Mission and Values

The McCain Foundation aspires to be a philanthropic leader, finding innovative ways to empower people to create positive change in Canada. The McCain Foundation values empowerment, integrity and innovation.


McCain Foods and the McCain family have a long history of charitable giving and to extend and enhance their impact, The McCain Foundation was established in 1993. From the beginning, the Foundation’s goal was to improve the lives of those in rural communities where McCain Foods Limited employees live and work.

While McCain Foods Limited has grown since then, The McCain Foundation maintains its focus on the Atlantic Provinces, Alberta, and Manitoba.

The McCain Foundation Board includes one member from each of the four founding families of McCain Foods along with a company representative.

Laura (“Mrs. A.D.”) McCain and her four sons, founders of McCain Foods: (L to R) Wallace, Andrew, Bob and Harrison.

Areas of Focus