Have questions about the application process? If you have read through the FAQ and did not find an answer you needed, please get in touch with us to answer any further questions.

The Foundation supports projects, both large and small, from qualifying organizations that align with its mission and meet eligibility requirements. The Foundation funds organizations that impact Atlantic Canada and rural communities in Alberta and Manitoba where McCain Foods Limited has facilities and employees.

The McCain Foundation does not support the following requests for funding:

  • Individuals or organizations without a registered charitable number
  • Deficit funding requests
  • Requests for event sponsorships, conferences, travel expenses or fundraisers
  • Endowment funding
  • Scholarship requests
  • Requests from religious or political organizations

Your application should identify a specific amount of money requested from the Foundation to complete the project successfully.

Proposals can be submitted at any time.

The Board meets quarterly to review proposals. If a large number of proposals are received in a given quarter, your proposal may be deferred. It is possible, therefore, for your request to take up to 6 months to be reviewed. You will receive a notification letter of the Foundation’s decision.

The following are the most common reasons that proposals are declined:

  • No registered charitable number
  • Incomplete proposal (please ensure all requested information is provided)
  • Project falls outside of the geographical focus of the Foundation
  • The proposal has an insufficient or limited impact
  • The project/program has uncertain financial sustainability

Due to the large number of proposals submitted to the Foundation, the Board has very limited time to receive presentations. Organizations that make large requests may be asked by the Board to make a presentation.

We prefer to receive online applications but will also accept applications by mail.

Yes. Organizations may reapply for support.

Yes. Applications are evaluated based on their individual merit. If funds are requested for the same project, evidence of impact and progress should be included in a subsequent application.

For larger grants, the Foundation is interested in learning about the implementation and impact of projects that are funded. Reporting requirements will be identified if your proposal is accepted.

If you have reviewed all of the information on the website and still have questions, please contact us by submitting an email to info@mccainfoundation.org.